River Park Gesso and Stura

The green lung of the Valley

An environmental mosaic of alternating different ecosystems, that can offer considerable variety of habitats and species.

It has been called "a natural mosaic of alternating different ecosystems, that can offer considerable variety of habitats and species". 
A definition that perfectly embodies the philosophy that the Parco Gesso and Stura did from his birth. And maybe even before. Combine the preservation of the natural environment and the protection of biodiversity with the development of the area is without doubt the main vocation of a park that was born accompanied by the slogan "A park with the city inside" and that grew from day to day, with the main purpose of enhancing the potential of the area. 
The value for tourism, the economic function, the high accessibility and the various opportunities for use are the strengths of a park that makes his "urbanity" one of the distinguishing features.

Now the park has grown, with the extension to the other nine municipalities in addition to that of Cuneo. And even its site has grown, with a new look, first of all, but also with new content and new information, to be as close to the Park to whom who loves it, since he was a child, and to be easier to discover for those who still do not know and want to start living it.

River Park's Identity Card

Salient characteristics and markings
Full name: River Park Gesso and Stura
Born in: Cuneo
Residence: courses acuqa Gesso and Stura
Profession: green lung of the city
Length: 60 km of river
Width: 1 km (average)
Size: 4,500

Particular signs
Ten municipalities and over 100 km of cycle and pedestrian links;
144 species of birds;
25 mammal species;
9 species of amphibians;
8 species of reptiles;
53 species of diurnal Lepidoptera (including the Maculinea Arion )

Borgo San Dalmazzo, Castelletto Stura, Centallo, Cervasca, Cuneo, Montanera, Roccasparvera, Roccavione, Sant’Albano Stura, Vignolo.

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The Tenda tunnel is regularly open.