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Arriving in Limone Piemonte

Geographic location

Limone Piemonte is a town of 1,535 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo and is part of the Mountain Community of the Maritime Alps. And it is situated near the pass of Colle of Tenda, a position that made it historically a crossing point between Piemonte and the Riviera of Ponente Provencal.
The basin of Limone is covered by the Creek Vermenagna and is bounded on the north by the Massif Besimauda - Costa Rossa, and on the east by the Top of Fascia, on the south from the Fortress of the Abyss and of Colle of Tenda, finally, on the west by the Ciotto Mien and Monte Vecchio.

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Alpine Pearls
Limone Piemonte is part of the Alpine Pearls circuit.


Irene Grandi & The power trio in concert in Limone Piemonte in collaboration with Anima Festival

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