Retirement Home

Unique, warm and welcoming, in pure alpine style hotel

Recently renovated, it has rooms simply furnished in a unique architectural setting, warm and friendly, in pure alpine style hotel. Internal mobility is ensured by wide stairs and two elevators, while the accessibility to the structure is facilitated by the location in the historical center at a short walk from the train station.

The house can accommodate in its rooms, double or single, all with private bathrooms, 44 people both independent and partially dependent, resident or non-resident in the town of Limone Piemonte. 
The staff, attentive to the needs of customers and punctual in meeting every request, consists of operators OSS, nurses and physical therapist in addition to primary care physicians. 
The kitchen, inside the structure, of excellent quality, is able to offer balanced and diverse menu, under the supervision of the service dietetics (personalized diets for diabetic guests, hypertension, etc. on prescription from your doctor).

The direction is available to answer any request for clarification, even about summer holidays.


Via Ospedale, 1
12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
+39 0171.92132


The Tenda tunnel is regularly open.