Salt Road - Limone Monesi

Charming old track at high altitude surrounded by the Maritime Alps linking Piedmont, Liguria and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, is now passable in safety for those who love hiking and mountain biking, quads, motorcycles and off-road.

The former military road recently renovated offers views and unforgettable views, and will leave in your eyes and in your mind an indelible memory.

Access between the resorts "Le Navette" (Briga Alta) and "Cabanaira" (Limone Piemonte) is subject to a transit permit. Daily permits are issued directly to the fixed monitoring stations located in the locations mentioned above. They are subject to the payment in cash of a sum representing the contribution to operating costs and road maintenance, fixed at:

Vehicles: 15 €
Motorcycles and quads: 10 €
The daily permits limited to a maximum of 80 cars and 140 motorbikes or quad.

The Salt Route Limone-Monesi is CLOSED. It will reopen next summer season.

Opening and access conditions


Please note that the Tenda tunnel is normally open