Salt Road - Limone Monesi

The Limone-Monesi is a wonderful itinerary that winds down an old military road between 5.905 and 6.889 ft (1.800 and 2.100 m) high. The unpaved circuit, which connects Limone and Upega, is 24-mile-long (39 km) and open to transit in summer and autumn. The path is freely accessible to hikers and cycle tourists, and it is also open to motor vehicles upon payment of a fee. The trail crosses enchanting places, such as the breathtaking lunar landscapes of the Carsene area, the untouched and safeguarded regions of the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Alps Park, rich in biodiversity, and lastly the magnificent Bosco delle Navette  -Navette’s Forest, and the military fortifications dating back to the end of the 19th century. Along their journey, travellers can experience the extraordinary charm of countless and unforgettable scenic spots: it will be impossible for them not to come back to retrace this fascinating path.

Charming old track at high altitude linking Piedmont, Liguria and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, is now passable in safety for those who love hiking and mountain biking, quads, motorcycles and off-road.

The new portal for booking accesses to the Alta Via del Sale is now active: 

Opening and access conditions


Access between Le Navette (Briga Alta) and Cabanaira (Limone Piemonte) is subject to a transit permit. Daily permits are issued directly to the fixed control posts located at the locations mentioned above. They shall be subject to the payment in cash of a sum representing their contribution to the cost of running and maintaining the road, set at :

Cars : 15 €
Motorcycles and quads : 15 €
Daily permits are limited to a maximum of 80 machines and 140 motorcycles or quads.

Telephone number LIMONE access point: +39 366 68 15 384

We remind you that the road will be closed to vehicles on TUESDAY and THURSDAY. During those two days, the road is free for pedestrians and bicycles only.

Please note that the road from Monesi di Triora to Monesi di Mendatica and Mendatica is closed to traffic. View the closing order. If you want to go towards Liguria, from Monesi di Triora you can reach Piaggia, Upega, Ponte Nava and go down towards Imperia or return to Piedmont towards Ormea.

New regulations for access to the road Limne-Monesi

Booking regulation

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See the video of the route that leads from Limone to the start of the Salt Road

4x4 circuits

New for summer 2019

4x4 transport service on the Salt Road from Limone to the Don Barbera Refuge and from Limone to Casterino. Only by reservation. View the information leaflet with routes, rates and contacts.


The Tenda tunnel is regularly open.