Access and useful information

Car parks have been divided between Limonetto and Limone 1400. The entrance to Limonetto will no longer be possible for cars when the available parking spaces are exhausted. The other cars will be directed to the numerous car parks of Limone 1400. From here it will be possible to reach the concert area by taking the Morel chairlift and making a short walk or proceeding on foot.
Organized buses are invited to contact the Tourist Office of Limone to communicate the estimated time of arrival and the license plate of the vehicle. Buses can reach the departure area of the concert to let people on board and park a short distance in the areas reserved for them. 
The campers will have reserved parking spaces in the hamlet of Panice Soprana Quota 1400.

View the interactive map with parking areas and routes from Limonetto and Limone Quota 1400

The concert area can be reached on foot directly from the center of Limone P.te in about two hours walk. The well-marked route is 8 km long with a difference in height of 500 metres and is almost completely shaded. 
View the interactive map of the route
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Free shuttle buses with 50 seats have been arranged for transport from the railway station, from Piazzale Nord to the entrance of Limone Piemonte arriving from Cuneo and the Fantino Region.

Travellers arriving by train will find waiting for them 6 buses of 50 seats in the parking lot in front of the train station of Limone Piemonte. The buses will be reserved for holders of train tickets. Departures are scheduled in correspondence with the arrival of trains in the morning at the following times: 07.30 - 08.40 - 09.30 - 10.40
The shuttle buses will take you to the parking lot of the Limonetto ski lifts at the entrance to the dirt road that leads to the concert venue.
The departure of the buses for the return is scheduled for 3.30 pm.
We remind you that from the center of Limonetto you can reach Limone on foot through the Roman Road in an hour's walk.

There will be available to guests of Limone Piemonte, 6 shuttles of 50 seats each, free, which departs every hour from Piazzale Nord will go up to Limonetto until the start of the dirt road of about 2 km to walk to reach the concert area. Departures will be at 08.00 - 09.00 - 10.00 - 11.00 -12.00
The departure of the buses for the return is scheduled for 15.30
We remind you that from the center of the village of Limonetto you can walk to Limone through the Roman Road in an hour's walk.

For the inhabitants of the residential areas of the Fantino, Sant'Anna and Panice Sottana Region, two 20-seater buses have been planned which, starting from the Fantino Region, will stop at Sant'Anna and Panice Sottana and then reach Limonetto.
The timetable is as follows:
BUS 1 08.45 - 09.45 - 10.45 - 11.45
BUS 2 09.15 - 10.15 - 11.15 - 12.15
At the end of the concert the same buses will perform the return service maintaining the same stops.

In the hamlets of Limonetto and Panice Soprana / Quota 1400 there are a lot of bars and restaurants.
Limonetto: Bar Dal Ga (village centre), Chalet La Frontera (concert area)
Panice Soprana / Quota 1400: Locanda del Colle, Chalet 1400 (parking areas), Chalet Morel (Morel chairlift arrival), Chalet Le Marmotte (Colle di Tenda chairlift arrival).

For people with severe disabilities, a minibus or off-road transport service has been set up from the parking of Limonetto to the concert area. All those who need to use this service are invited to contact the Tourist Office of Limone P.te a few days before the concert to better organize the transport. 


On the occasion of the Ferragosto Concert, LIFT, the company that manages the Ski Resort, will open the "Morel" and "Colle di Tenda" chairlifts. Specifically, you can use the Morel chairlift for the ascent and descent side 1400 and only for the ascent side Limonetto and the chairlift Colle di Tenda for the only ascent. From the arrival of the lifts you can reach the concert area with easy downhill routes.
The cost of the ticket will be 8 euros for an uphill and downhill also using the 2 lifts (You can go up with the Colle di Tenda and down with the Morel) in addition to the cost of support of 2 euros that will be refunded upon return of the same. For children up to 7 years old the ticket is free of charge.

1.    In order to propose an event as Plastic free as possible, participants are invited to equip themselves with a canteen instead of a plastic water bottle. 
2.    We remind you that all the waste produced must be taken downstream and deposited in the appropriate bins. 
3.    Dogs are allowed with a leash (length 1.5 metres) and muzzle.
4.    We recommend that you arrange to arrive at the concert venue in advance.
5.    The outflow at the end of the concert will necessarily require a longer wait, we ask for your patience and we invite you to follow the directions of the assistance staff.


We remind all tourists that the 39th August Concert, like all previous editions, is an event organized at high altitude in an area without covered and / or heated structures.
Therefore, to make the two days of the Ferragosto Concert an event to be remembered in a happy way, all participants must follow the following safety rules:
- You are in the mountains and the weather can change suddenly and suddenly, it can rain or even violent thunderstorms can develop, so you must be equipped with cloaks and / or umbrellas folding to shelter from the weather.
- You must have suitable equipment to walk safely in mountain trails (so are strongly recommended boots, are to be avoided sneakers, sandals and flip flops or shoes with unsuitable soles).
- Given the altitude, in case of cloudy or bad weather temperatures can drop to 3 / 4 degrees, so you must have sweaters clothing suitable for these conditions or batteries, gloves, caps and windbreakers.
- The event takes place in a natural environment, potential habitat of wild animals and vipers; it is important not to intentionally disturb, and not to approach, the animals, for ecological and safety reasons.
- It is also possible to meet with shepherd dogs trained to defend the flocks; it is recommended not to approach, to avoid the risk of aggression.
- Do not venture into unknown or unmarked paths: it is strongly recommended not to move away from the paths indicated on the signs, unless you know the area well (in order to avoid running into precipices or impervious areas).
- MTB and E-MTB users must adopt a prudent driving behaviour in order to avoid accidents with pedestrians and hikers, since a high level of crowding on the route can be expected. The Morel and Colle di Tenda chairlifts cannot be used to transport MTBs.
- We remind you and recommend that you respect the environmental protection rules in force throughout Piedmont (in particular, do not pick flowers, do not light fires near woods or bushes, do not make off-road routes with cars and motorcycles).
-It is possible to have picnics in autonomy, with annexed obligation of consignment of the waste in the specific points of collection, and not to damage the pastures.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden:
- Bring large bags and backpacks, spray cans, alcoholic beverages over 20 °, cans, glass bottles, metal bottles or plastic bottles larger than 0.5 liters, small animals without a leash and muzzle (the owners of four-legged friends are responsible, in any case, for any damage to persons or property caused by them), sticks for self, tripods and poles, drones and airplanes remotely controlled.
- Stadium trumpets, weapons, explosive materials, fireworks, smoke generators, signal flares, stones, chains, knives or other pointed or sharp objects, drugs, poisons, harmful substances and flammable material are also prohibited.

Filtering areas with safety controls will be provided.


Orchestra programme

This year the protagonist of the concert, which will be broadcast live on Rai 3, will be the great Italian opera repertoire, absent for a decade in August. Under the baton of Maestro Andrea Oddone, the Bartolomeo Bruni Orchestra will perform some of the most famous opera symphonies and stage music: from Rossini's Guglielmo Tell to Bellini's Norma, from Ponchielli's Danza delle Ore to Verdi's Marcia trionfale and balli dell'Aida. The symphonic pages will be alternated with famous arias by Puccini ("Vissi d'arte" from "Tosca" and "Un bel dì vedremo" from "Madama Butterfly") and by Verdi ("D'amor sull'ali rosee" and "Tu vedrai che amore in terra" from "Il Trovatore"), interpreted by Marta Mari, a young but already well known Brescian soprano.

The enchantment will not end with live television, because other interesting musical pearls will be
offers to hiker-listeners in the "off-air". As every year the Bruni Orchestra, in its
as a symphonic complex of more than 60 elements, will face the difficult test with seriousness and
the enthusiasm that has always distinguished it, to offer to the public present and to what
listen to a joyful Ferragosto on TV in the name of great Italian music.


The Tenda tunnel is regularly open.