Mountain bike activities

Discover Limone's mountains by mountain bike


Historic sports shop Botteroski has several e-bike excursion proposals on the calendar for summer 2021. For more information and bookings you can call 0171 92274. You can hire directly online by clicking here

Weekly E-BIKE excursions in July and August

The first part of the track of the race "La Via del Sale"...without hurry - Medium difficulty 20 km
From Limone to Rifugio Don Barbera and back. A taste of "La Via del Sale" - Easy, 38 km.
From Limone to Casterino and back: sport, history, nature and gastronomy - Easy, about 45 km
Lakes, Forts and Bricchi of Limone - Medium difficulty 24 km


Limone-Morignole-Casterino-Limone (2 days) - difficult
Crossing from Limone to Chiusa Pesio (2 days) - difficult
The Via del sale and the Valle delle Meraviglie - demanding
The Via del Sale race route - very demanding

Zonesportshop offers rental, guided tours and introductory E-MTB activities.

Info: tel. 0171 929288

Group meeting on the world of MTB/EBIKE dedicated to newcomers to this world who do not want to be unprepared for mechanical failures during excursions and who are interested in understanding how to best enjoy their days in the mountains. 

Sat 17/7 at 17h
Sat 24/7 at 17h (maybe in case of the ION CUP race to be defined) 
Sat 31/7 at 5 pm 
Minimum number of participants 4
Participation fee € 15 per person per session, including alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks at "Bar Europa".

General information
Types of bikes 
Which is the most suitable for us?
New or used?
What to check before buying, tips 
The right size
Clothing, how to dress
Shoes and gloves, the importance of contact points
Helmet and protections, what when and how to use them 
The backpack, how big and what kind 
What to put in it, essential and useless accessories
Duration about 2h

Basic mechanics:
Tyres, which types for which bikes 
Inner tubes, latex or mousse? Which to choose, pros and cons 
Dismantling and reassembling a tyre in the field, ABC and tricks
The tools you need to have on a ride 
Brakes, types and function 
When should they be replaced? Understand in time
Replacing brake pads in the field, ABC and tips 
The necessary tools to always have on a ride
Duration approx. 2h

Basic mechanics:
The transmission, differences between the types on the market 
Single sprocket, double or triple, pros and cons 
Intervention on a broken chain in the field, the difference between going home or not
How to change gears to preserve the gearbox 
How to identify a bent rear derailleur and how to remedy it
How to tell if your chain is worn 
The necessary tools to always have on a ride

Types and function 
How to adjust them for the right weight and use
The necessary tools to always have on an outing

How to wash the bike
What to check before each ride 
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance 
GPS systems and dedicated apps, differences, pros and cons
Duration approx. 2.5 hours

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