Theatre workshops

Theatre activities for families

The summer theatrical activities start again with eight events in July and August. Participation is free of charge; reservations at the Tourist Office.

Theatre in a nutshell

For children, play is the basis of their learning. So why not play with theatre?
We will learn together techniques and ways of doing theatre to play in a different way!

Audience: Children from 5 to 12 years old. Minimum number: 5, maximum: 20.
Users will actively participate in the acting game, through coordination and group games, always respecting the anticovid rules.

What is done: 
Improvisation and theatre games linked to the body and voice, 
Improvisation and theatre games linked to the body and voice, balance and the use of balls, ropes and cloths, puppets: each meeting develops a different theme, linked in any case to gestural and figure theatre.
At the end of the work, short scenes are created on the theme developed or a small object created during the workshop is obtained.

5 - 19 July
2 - 16 August


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