Vermenagna Valley

The tours and the excursions, between nature and traditions

Vermenagna Valley combines to the beauty of the places interesting cultural experiences that will allow you to better know and appreciate our culture.

The valley is bordered on the west by the Valle Gesso to the south with the Valle Roja and east with the Valle Pesio.
The valley is oriented towards general NNW-SSE, with some secondary branches. 
From the outlet downstream at Roccavione, the valley goes back SE until Robilante where takes a more direct way to the South. Among Robilante and Vernante the valley resumed a trend towards SE to the village of Vernante.

Vernante branches off a lateral branch (Big Valley), which goes back in the direction approximately SO Palanfrè to the hamlet at the foot of Mount Colombo, while the main valley back in the direction SO, then bend slightly to the south to Limone Piemonte. 
From Lemon Valley branches off into two secondary valleys: one continues in SW direction, toward the village of Limone, Colle Tenda and the fortress Abyss, while the other goes towards the SE going to finish at the foot of the top of Becco .

The entire territory of the valley is home to many tourist interest. There are also many museums dedicated to issues of importance for the history of the valley and its inhabitants, and are an excellent opportunity to deepen their knowledge of local culture and history.

To visit:

Here you can visit the Museum of the Accordion, music and folk art, in which you can see musical instruments and other examples of local folk music, in addition to wooden sculptures by the artist Giorgio Bertaina (Jors de Snive 1902-1976).

Striking the many paintings inspired by the tale of Pinocchio. Precisely in this beautiful mountain village, a few kilometers from Limone Piemonte, spent the last years of life Attilio Mussino, famous illustrator of Carlo Collodi. 
In addition to the murals, distributed on the walls of the houses of the entire town, you can visit Museum of Pinocchio, in which are also reported numerous original drawings by illustrator.

In Roccavione is instead the Museum of the Old Mill, divided into three sections: one dedicated to the mill and its machinery, an ethnographic, with the reconstruction of a shoemaker's shop, and one dedicated to the natural sciences.

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