Wi-Fi Limone

Free Wi-Fi Throughout The City of Limone Piemonte

A new free service of wi-fi for Limone Piemonte. As of March 14, 2016 of Limone and tourists can navigate freely for 90 minutes per day from any device.

The broadband connection will be available throughout the city thanks to a complex system of repeaters that manage 48 access points. Activation of the free wi-fi system will be also available to operators including within the perimeter covered by the signal.

To access the service, simply register on the site http://captive.avanzati.it/captive/Please note that the new registration is also mandatory for those who were already in possession of access credentials in the previous wi-fi service.

In case of problems a service from Monday to Friday it is available (in time slots 9-13 and 15-19) by calling 011.23415789.

Partita IVA 00461550048 - Codice Fiscale 80003770049