San Secondo - Maneggio

The track of Riding is a great place for learning winter sports

Within walking distance from 
Limone Piemonte
+39 0171.926033

The riding is situated a short walk from the village, less than a kilometer from the train station, and is easily reached on foot. Riding in the winter is skiable area, with a gentle slope of about 100 meters in altitude, served by two lifts: the chairlift Gegia and the ski lift San Secondo.
The presence of a suitable plant for the programmed snow guarantees excellent snow of the track.

The ski school with treadmill is run by the Ski School Limone who own the Stables and has one of its offices here. On site you can always rent equipment for winter sports. No less important is the presence, at the edge of the ski area in an happy position available to skiers and others, huts and refreshment. The snow-covered meadows next to the ski are well suited for enjoyable descents on bobs and sledges, for the delight of young and old.

The riding has a convenient and ample parking; in winter the area is of course served by the shuttle service operated by the city of Limone Piemonte.

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