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Limone Piemonte

Nestled in the Maritime Alps, the village is located on the border with France and is connected to the Ligurian Riviera and the French Riviera through the international tunnel of Colle di Tenda.

Mountain in every season

Discovering Limone means experiencing the mountains in every season: winter will involve you with the magical atmosphere of the snowy mountains, the ski area of the Riserva Bianca and the many activities on the snow, summer will surprise you with the contrast of colours, the meadows in bloom, the green of the mountains and the intense blue of the sky, the perfect environment to discover the many trails for hikers and cyclists of the Alps of the sea. Autumn is the ideal time to take a few days to relax walking in the woods to discover the colours of the foliage while spring fascinates you with the explosion of nature that manifests itself with the first blooms and the vigour of the mountain streams. We are waiting for you!



Sport, culture, music, entertainment and many opportunities for families and children: discover the events and activities that will enrich your holiday in Limone Piemonte.
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