Welcome to Limone

Limone owes its importance to the pass of the ancient Monte Cornio, the current Colle di Tenda, which has always been a privileged communication route between the Ligurian Riviera, the French Riviera and Piedmont: hence the name "Mountain of the two Rivieras".

The etymology of the name is controversial: according to some it derives from the Provençal "li mount", "the mountains"; according to others it derives from the ancient Greek "Leimon" and more likely "a grassy place, a region rich in pastures".

An easy road route and an historical railway line make the town easily accessible from the towns of the Po Valley, Liguria and the south of France. Born as a holiday and summer resort towards the end of the nineteenth century, it was, already in the early twentieth century, among the first Italian resorts where winter sports were widespread. 

Its geographical position makes it a popular destination all year round, thanks to a mild alpine climate that is affected by the proximity of the sea.

The lively and welcoming old town, the surroundings equipped for outdoor sports, walks and itineraries in the Italian-French natural parks are the components of a quiet and relaxing holiday, but there is no lack of opportunities for fun.

In the middle of the tourist season, a large pedestrian area allows you to easily walk along the main street and enter the charming narrow streets of the town, free from the passage and the encumbrance of cars, welcomed in the parking lots located in strategic points, on the edge of the town or near the access to the ski lifts.

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