Cuneo Alps

Limone Piemonte is located in a strategic geographical position, on the southern border of the province of Cuneo and a few kilometres from France and the western Ligurian Riviera. The Colle di Tenda also marks the end of the Maritime Alps and the beginning of the Ligurian Alps from which the Alta Via del Sale, a dirt road that leads from the Alps to the sea through enchanting landscapes.

Cities rich in history, lush forests, ancient traditions and stories, imposing mountains and an ever-changing landscape, food and wine routes, art exhibitions and literary reviews: all this, but not only, makes the province of Cuneo a precious pearl of our country.

Cuneo, with its "Provincia Granda", the third largest province in Italy, is perhaps today one of the best ways to discover Piedmont: here the roots and history have remained the same as ever. Every season offers an opportunity, every corner a surprise: whether you discover it in winter, when everything is whitewashed with snow, or in summer, with the sun reflecting the colours of nature, it doesn't matter because its charm remains unchanged.  

This vast territory is also defined as the Alps of the sea, both for its geographical proximity to the sea and for the fossil presences enclosed in the rocks of the Alpine peaks.

The territory of Cuneo with its cities of art and its alpine valleys is full of little known beauties, discover it on

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