Hike with geologist

Geological excursions among the great fortifications of the Col de Tende

We will talk about the forts from a geological point of view: ancient and recent sedimentary rocks, fossils, the uplift of the Alps, in other words, how nature created the landscape of Colle di Tenda, laying the foundations for human habitation. We won't fail to understand what happened on the cursed 2 October 2020, when storm Alex swept through Val Roja, wreaking havoc in just a few hours.

The geological excursions follow the easy military roads that from Forte Centrale and Colle Alto led to Forte Tabourda and Forte Pernante; in addition to these, suitable for families and children, there will be treks (however easy for those used to walking in the mountains) to Forte Giaura and Forte Pepino, to get closer to the Rocca dell'Abisso and the Marguareis Massif.

New views to tell, new rocks, historical insights, because we have understood at great cost how necessary it is to understand the territory that surrounds us.

We will be accompanied by the geologist Enrico Collo, famous for having discovered the footprints of Triassic reptiles, ancestors of the dinosaurs, on the Gardetta Plateau in the Maira Valley.

The cost is 15 euros per person (excluding children). Excursions will take place with a minimum of 10 participants.  Info and bookings at the tourist office 0171 925281




Let's discover the geological history of Limone. Excursion with the geologist Enrico Collo to Colle di Tenda.

Meet at 9.30 a.m. on the car park in front of Chalet Le Marmotte.


Thu 8  - 15 - 22 - 29

Thu 15 Excursion with the geologist Enrico Collo to the Tenda pass


Thu 5 - 12 - 19 - 26 

Astronomical evening at the Colle di Tenda. Myths and constellations of the summer sky, with Enrico Collo. Chalet Le Marmotte car park at 21.30.


Tue 3 - 10
Thu 12

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