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Experience the mountains in summer

With the experience of our guides, you can discover beautiful places, stunning views and adventurous routes, in total security.

The mountain guide: mountain professionals
The Mountain Guide is a professional recognized nationally and internationally as the only competent and able to ensure proper attendance of the mountain.
Role of Mountain Guide is to accompany and promote the mountain in all its aspects.

The deep relationship and conscious with the environment is the primary value transmitted by mountain guides who want to approach the mountain in the most correct and serene way.
The mountain guide work in all activities related to mountaineering, and is present in every season on the mountain territory. Experience and familiarity with the alpine environment with what that entails represent the great value that the Mountain Guide is able to convey, beyond the technical aspects, as important.

The presence of guides in the mountains is also a constant monitoring to limit environmental damage and promotes the highest possible degree of safety in relation to the environment.
The Mountain Guide transmits technical knowledge, standards of behavior, orientation and sensitizes the deep reading of the environment, the primary requirement of use of the mountain in terms of safety.
In the educational background of the Mountain Guide there are technical, scientific and educational activities.

Contacts of the guides

Alessio Cerrina
+39 338.1164386

Geppo Barucco
+39 345.6997371

Daniele Macagno
+39 349.3830199

Paolo Pernigotti
+39 328.4094619

Activities of the guides
  • Mountaineering
  • Canyoning
  • Climbing routes

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