Horse Racing

Horseback riding and riding in Limone Piemonte.

The asd saluzzese is an equestrian center and riding school affiliated to the italian equestrian sports federation recognized by CONI.

It is a multidisciplinary center where you can experience the horse world at 360°.
During the summer the asd active a summer home at the facilities of Limone, where you can arrange excursions in the mountains with a guide.
The walks wind through the surrounding valleys and nearby.

You can also program more days, reserved for experienced riders.
For those who prefer to explore the riding technique, you can take lessons in the field with qualified personnel.
In addition, you can program the meetings reserved for children (up to 14) with disabilities, with a qualified trainer CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee) and FISD DIR (Italian Federation for Disabled Sports Relational and Cognitive).

For any information please contact the cell. 329.1227776

Canunia was born in 1984 and becomes a reference point in the national landscape over the years with regard to the field of trekking and training dedicated to the Equestrian Environmental Guide with Alpine specialization.
At La Canunia horseback riding is really for everyone - so much for those who want to spend one or more hours immersed in nature, as for those who are looking for technical learning, as well as for those who want to participate in trekking for a few days.

Info: Michael 349 7947739

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