Horse Riding

Horseback riding and riding in Limone Piemonte.

Over X Ice horse riding

From 1 June to 18 September, Over X Ice horse riding returns to Baita Tienni in the Maneggio area. Five horses and lots of activities, games for children, horse trekking, weekly camp, horse and bike, Alpine riding school. Birthday parties, hen and stag parties and team building can also be organised in collaboration with Baita Tienni by prior arrangement.

On 7, 14, 21, 29 July and 4 August 

Horse games with Over X Ice horse riding. Free admission by appointment.

Campus from 13th of June to 30th of July - 7 weeks: Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. 

Theoretical and practical lessons, knowledge of the animal, its environment and basic techniques for leading and guiding it. Lessons both on and off the field. Download the detailed programme

Horse & bike (collaboration Bottero ski) in June, July and September.

Two-day excursion with electric bikes and horses along the Via del Sale with overnight stay at the Don Barbera refuge.

Division into two groups, return trip with alternating horse and bike.

Excursion on horseback to the Perla lake, through the San Giovanni valley and arrival at the refuge in the evening. (due to the technical nature of the route, a technical assessment of the participants' guide is necessary, in case a half-day introduction to alpine riding is planned, not included in the fee). 

Excursion by electric bike along the Via del Sale, with subsequent arrival at the Perla lake with a bike guide and arrival at the refuge in the afternoon. (subject to technical assessment by the Bottero Ski guides).

Alpine Riding School from 25 to 28 of July

First two days

Practical and theoretical lessons for the acquisition of the hiking technique in the riding school (Limone).

Last two days 

Two-day excursion with overnight stay in refuge (Don Barbera).

Horse night and shooting stars 12 August. Departure from the riding school in the late afternoon, two-three-hour hike with dinner in a restaurant and return by night.

Trek of Marguareis From 22 to 24 of August

22: Limone - Don Barbera refuge

23: Don Barbera - Pian delle Gorre refuge

24: Pian delle Gorre - Limone.

High mountain trekking reserved for experienced riders.

Day at the Perla lake with picnic 4 September.

Autumn transhumance September 2022 Limone - Lurisia.

October "Autumn horse riding in Limone".

Via dei vini 8 and9 October 2022 (Langa on horseback).

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