Sportabili Alba

SportABILI Alba Onlus organizes activities of downhill skis for the disabled at the facilities of Limone 1400

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Classes are held throughout the week, from December to April.
The courses are taught by ski instructors and trainers who have attended specific training sessions at the headquarters SportABILI Onlus Predazzo.

The tools
The activity is made possible thanks to the many volunteers who work during the winter season with us and alongside boys and instructors during descents.
The association has provided all the aids for all types of disabilities: mono ski, Bisci (directly from the United States, for adults and for children, SportAbili is the only in Italy to use this products), dualski, stabilizers for the descent.

  • The use of the monoski is particularly suitable for disabled people in the lower limbs (paraplegics, post polio, spina bifida, lower limb amputations, etc ...) that do not exceed a lesion of D5.
  • The bisci is used for people with disabilities to the upper and lower limbs (quadriplegic, tetraparetici, muscular dystrophy, dwarfism, ataxia, dysplasia, diplegia, multiple sclerosis, aphasia, spinal atrophy, diparesi, cerebral palsy, people with physical and mental problems, etc.) even if they exceed a lesion of D5.
  • The Dualsky, for its particular characteristics (a monoski with two skis) fits, depending on the functional abilities, to different kinds of disabilities in their upper and lower limbs.
  • The stabilizers are particularly suited for amputees and post-polio syndrome.

Skiing for the blind
​The association also offers an escort service for the blind.
To allow also the people with visual disabilities Skiing guide uses the robot, a special apparatus which, through a speaker fixed on the back of the instructor and connected to a microphone, allows the transmission of commands for better reception by the athlete.

The taxi service for disabled
Since 2009 SportABILI organizes, on request, a "taxi service" that allows, to those who want to reach through bisci and monoski the restaurants "Niculin Hut" and "Baita 2000" that are located at altitude in Limone Piemonte, to eat with their friends or family. There are, on arrival in the restaurants, a wheelchair Niculin Hut (no bath) and a hut in 2000 (with bathroom accessible).

Finally, every year in March, at the end of the ski season, the association is organizing a competition among all those who have skied in the winter and want to be a time of celebration and sharing the passion for this sport.

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