The Forts

The tour of the Eight Hundred Forts

Yesterday instrument of defense, today a way to enjoy superb views across the network of military roads considered a masterpiece of military engineering.

Between 1880 and 1890 the area of the Colle of Tenda was involved in an impressive series of fortification works.
The forts affected by this route are the Forte Alto (close to the Colle of Tenda), Fort Pernante, Giura and Margheria (to the west of the hill, towards the fort of Abyss) and forts Tuburda and Pepino (to the east). Following the relocation of the French border, the forts are now all in the French territory.

Guide of the Medieval Fort

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The High Fort

From the main entrance of the large barracks (partially in ruins) comes off a little road that climbs quickly to the massive construction of the High Forts (1908 m) ending in the large open space to the north of the building. Remarkable is the several meters deep ditch. Almost vertically by the strong are dug two tunnels (road and rail) of the Colle of Tenda.

The Taburda Fort

The strong team Taborda (1982m) is protected by a wide and deep moat.

The Pepino Fort

This strong roo, irregularly shaped, is surrounded by a deep moat and is camouflaged with dirt and grass cover.

The Margheria Fort

The massive building is surrounded by a moat, from which, through some gaps, is possible to enter inside the fort. Outside, you can still see traces of the aqueduct that brought water from the spring to the strong and to the fountain Irene. A path ruined clims on this ridge and reaches the above Pernante Fort.

Pernante Fort

Well camouflaged, is the pentagonal Fort Pernante (2117 m). From its dominant position you can enjoy an exceptional view. The water supply of the fort was secured by means of an aqueduct long several kilometers of which remain traces along the path that crosses the southern slope of Cima Salaute (2176 m - west of the fort) and next to the road that goes into the valley of Abyss, behind Giaura Fort.

Giaura Fort

The pentagonal Fort Giaura is surrounded by a deep moat. On its western side begins the long slope (Pra 'Giordano) through which one rises gently to the summit of the Rock of the Abyss where you can trace the remains of an aqueduct.

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