Snowkiting arrived in Cuneo 15 years ago. The most popular spot for kiteboarders has always been the Colle della Maddalena, the site where I started surfing on the snow. However, being the most historical spot and therefore also the most frequented, does not mean, need to be the best spot, and that's why the Criminal Kite asd, has chosen as a place for courses Limonetto.
After various surveys and tests, we found in the area of the Pernante chairlift, an excellent alternative to the Colle della Maddalena, both for the wind, a fundamental element for this discipline, and for the location, with various slopes, ideal for sailing while having fun and in total safety.
The 2 spots are perpendicular to the right of the chairlift and extend along the 2 valleys. The spot at the top of the chairlift is an amphitheatre, with the possibility, for the more experienced kites, to sail up to the forts and cross the French side.
The thermal wind, which characterizes the area, guarantees to raise the sail from 11 in the morning, throughout the day. The wind works on 3 of the 4 sectors; the north, south and east are excellent with variable intensity, often around 15/20 knots.
Thanks to the force of the wind, the kite becomes, to all intents and purposes, a ski lift that allows you to climb the slope. If climbing the summit with a personal ski lift is exciting, it is even more so to descend the ridge, making evolutions and short flights.
The Pernante spot also offers a plateau that, while maintaining ideal wind conditions, allows you to learn to sail in total safety.

The Criminal Kite asd was born with the idea of promoting the discipline of snowkiting, aimed at lovers of snow and adrenaline sports, offering courses lasting 6 hours, of which 5 hours of practice and one hour of theory. The only school in Cuneo to use, for the courses, a ski area, in an area of over 5000m2 starting from 1360m. arriving over 1700m. 
The courses are held by certified instructors Csen, Fiv and Iko who will teach aspiring kites, not only to handle small kites (open cell foils), but also to know the winds, until you get to sail with larger kites.
Course (1 day, 6 hours) €450.00. In case of absence of wind, the course can be managed over several days.
The price includes:
- Equipment (kite,trapeze,helmet)
- ASI membership and insurance for a period of 1 year
Minimum age for learning: 12 years.

If you already practice this discipline, and you want to practice snowkiting in the Spot del Pernante:
- mandatory to join the Criminal Kite asd. Cost €40,00
- Possibility to rent equipment.
Best time to practice: from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Better wind direction: from north to south/south-east

Additional Information
Statistics from 8 December to 03 March - Spot Pernante:
30 days of presence on the Pernante (every weekend, plus some midweek courses, rentals and freeride)
25 days of wind
2 days with kite 15 meters
3 days with kite 12 meters
16 days with kite 8 meters
4 days with kite 4 meters
Note: The size of the kite depends on the intensity of the wind. 

Info: Peter Samarelli 349 1348554
Facebook: @Criminal Kite
Instagram: criminal_kit

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